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Learning about the UEB and 45-year tradition

Recently, the UEB held the contest to learn about the 45-year tradition of the university.The contest was divided into two branches: Brach 1 - doing multiple choice tests about UEB’s history and Branch 2 - making video clips about UEB.

Being held from November to December 2019, the contest has attracted thousands of participants, created the atmosphere of solidary and joy among UEB’s students.

The best candidates were selected for the prize award ceremony on 15th January, 2020, along with the award for “students with 5 good characteristics”.

“Right from the start of the contest, our team has worked out with an idea. The meaningful contest helped us to capture the beautiful moments of our student’s time and express love for our university by the short films and also increased our soft skills while making videos, editing, acting…. We are proud to receive the university’s recognition for our hard work and great effort”, said Tran Quoc Thanh - student of QH-2018-E KTPT2.


Student Dang Minh Khoi, QH-2016-E QTKD achieved the Branch 1 - Best Communicator for attracting the largest number of participants. He said he hoped many students will get to know more about UEB and that the warm and joyful memory of the university will accompany him toward his upcoming graduation.


The contest is not only an important channel to connect the students and the university. It is also a way for the students to speak out their opinions and contribute to the development of the university.


“The competition was held successfully and achieved its goals. In the coming years, we will organize more contests where students can prove their skills and affirm their abilities. In the atmosphere of upcoming Lunar New Year, on behalf of UEB’s Youth Union, I wish all the students a new year filled with prosperity, health and enthusiasm for the youth activities in 2020”, said Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong, secretary of UEB’s Youth Union.

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